A new game has arrive!

Im happy to annouce the finalization of my second game called “NOT EASY Till you get it” im shure many people will enjoy it.

The game is a combination of skill and luck the player need to survive longer. It is aimed most for mobile gamers but that doesn’t mean can’t be played on computer as well.

The game is a bit difficult for beginners, but as the title says, its hard “till you get it”

Leave some screen shots an the link to the game now:

Play the Game here

A racing game prototype with phaser

So i wanted to make a game based on the famous NES game, Road Fighter. I reached to a point where the project becomes to large to complete due to the tile creation system, it requires a lot of effort. Anyway what i accomplished was very instructive and now a shared here the current progress.

The graphical concept its about a turtle that gets a car and race through various tracks agains a bunch of bunnies. The prototype created can be played on mobile with the fingers or in PC mode with the directional keys. PLAY THE PROTOTYPE HERE