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Weveana at Global Game Jam 2020

We loved to participate at Global Game Jam 2020 from 31 January – 02 February 2020, the theme that year was REPAIR, so we join some friends at Ciespal, Ecuador and made the funny and challenging game Kuiper Repair Station, this is an arcade puzzle game, about an hangar setted at Solar System to repair the spaceships, through combinating differents kinds of components.


Play here:

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Using and Phaser to create a multiplayer game.

Searching the perfect framework for programing the online part of the game, we already had the knowledge of as a possible solution to the online connection between users. In the testing with this technology we found is suitable for multiplayer games with HTML5 but only when actions made in game are not send as via the update part of the code. This is due to the very minimal specs we had in the tryout server, and also the unknow location of it.

Searching for other solutions, we found a very interesting techonoly that claim to use the lastest 5G specs or something. Anyway this solution is great for our purpose because makes our game serverless and it claim to support a wide range of coverage to solve the lag issues of a normal multiplayer approach.

The name of this solution is and the use of it can help a lot in the creation of multiplayer games with HTML5. In our case we had to solve the logic in communicating the Croquet library with the Phaser library and was a very very ease solution given that both tech are writen in javascript.

Most of the problem with this project was to find any writing or tutorial about the mix of this technologies, apparently no much people was using this approach and thats why we are writing this notes in our blog, ready to help with our experience learned.