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Phaser 2 and 3 Multiplayer test

So we are trying to get into the multiplayer game area with Phaser, and the current technologies we know so far that could work are and The diferences between them are huge, and the performance also very noticeable.

By now i will juts post the examples we made, but we are planning to bring a tutorial or series of tutorials if the community has some interest.

The examples ill give you bellow, are not perfect, but in the first case (, it will demostrate how the is working in our weveana server and can handle a multiplayer game, at least the movement and shooting of some spaceships.

We haven’t tested the performance of how many ships can handle the server, but please! don’t you try here! in case of shutting down my own server :S

The second example is made with Phaser and the engine, a very interesting approach to the multiplayer programing, recomended to check out their website

If you want to test by yourself ill give you the links of the examples and the soruce code at github.

Example 1:

Example 2: