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Facebook Instant Games can’t be monetized via Audience Network if you live in Ecuador and some other countries.

“This platform is not supported in the region of this payment account”

At the time of this writing there is a huge problem when trying to monetize games for Latin American countries like Ecuador using Audience Network.

From a developer perspective living in this country is a disappointing situation when using the Instant Game model to rise up a game design studio focused on casual gaming for social media because Facebook does not accept payment accounts for every country in the world.

This issue is huge for people searching to create some kind of income designing and developing instant games. For a better understanding of the issue i explain why Facebook should fix ASAP this situation for people giving a chance to this model of instant game revenue.

So, to develop an Instant Game for Facebook it is possible following some rules they have implemented in order to publish any kind of casual game in their site.

Beside of the normal development process of creating any game, one of the first complicated parts of the process for develop Facebook Instant Games, is to present some kind of document certifying a company or enterprise that is going to represent those games.

As a person living in Ecuador this implies to do the paperwork to create a company valid in Ecuador and with all the right and obligations that held up maintain it, that is to pay foundation fees and paying taxes.

After being approved by Facebook and able to upload and publish games on their Instant Game section, the next step will be trying to monetize the published games. The problem lies when applying for a payment account on the Audience Network section.

It a long step by step configuration and at the end the answer i get is “This platform is not supported in the region of this payment account”, the image below show this problem.

Why why…

I believe Facebook should extend the countries or methods to accept payment accounts for Instant Games, Im sure there is a bunch o people in many countries that will hit this wall when trying to develop and grow the library of Facebook Instant Games.

When asking customer service of Facebook this is the message i got, ‘Thank you for contacting us and for applying to the Audience Network. At this time we are unable to accept your request’

Sad Facebook, sad