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The road to HTML5 casual game development – “I still use Phaser 2”

Well, for some time now, i´ve triying to catch the Phaser 3 train. In my experience, as a single developer who already passed several years deciding how to get involved into the HTML5 game design and development world, first i started with a js framework called impact.js.

But going even more to the past, i remember to proof myself doing any game with whatever languaje i had. So as a multimedia designer i already was, the first technology i had contact with and able to really do some interesting interactive stuff was FLASH. At the time this technology was involved in many web games that used to inspire me to try to develop something like that.

So my first game prototypes where made using FLASH but the dead of this tech marked me with a new task, learn how to make HTML5 games. Thats why i ended at firts with impact.js, a library in JS that is fine for doing games but its no more upgraded or maintained for a while now.

So i decided to search for another solution, and found Phaser, that in the moment was in version 2. For many years i used my time to learn this framework, i got some ebooks and followed some tutorials, i spent many hours and did some prototypes and finally i knew how to move a bit quickly in that development eviroment.

In some point i was exited for the upcomming release of Phaser3, but untill then i continued learning how to develop things on Phaser 2. I even aquire some plugins or programs to accelerate the development process and make my first complete game.

So after i got the chance to fully concentrate in develping a complete game, i did it knowing that Phaser 3 was already realeased, in my mind this technology was an “upgrade” from Pasher 2. But sadly when i wanted to connect my already aquired knoledge and effort with the “New Phaser”, I was surprised and i felt a bit dissapointed to the complete rewrite of the framework.

So with the history backgorund given, on my case to continue learning the new workflow showed in Phaser 3 is a WANT but not a MUST, considering that also i am attracted to give the chance to Unity as the IDE for building the web games.

The funny thing here is that already is an upcomming Phaser 4 on the way! Well i left here the link to other of my articles where i did the same thing with the two versions of Phaser, with this examples i ended making my first multiplayer game but i decided to go with Phaser 2 mostly cause the workflow i already have optimized and aquired and by now no further plans on cotinuing on Phaser 3 because i want to try Unity.